Continua Council



Horst Merkle

President and Secretary

Director Information Management Sytems Diabetes Care,
Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Horst Merkle has served as the Director of Information Management Systems, Diabetes Care since 2003. In this position he is responsible for the proposal and the development of key components for the Roche Diabetes Care information management product portfolio with focus on interoperability/connectivity, tele-health and standardization.

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Paul Coebergh van den Braak

Vice President,

IP&S Manager Healthcare, Senior Director

Paul Coebergh van den Braak has more than 30 years of experience in managing product and technology development in various companies and application fields, with emphasis on software, electronics and ICT systems. Over the past decade he has been increasingly active in the field of medical devices and healthcare.

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Ian Hay

Vice President

Ian has enjoyed a career of more than 21 years at Orange after joining Nokia Mobira when they were providing airtime provision for Cellnet and Vodafone, and since then have performed a very wide range of roles in Hutchison Cellular Services, initially through a series of technical roles designing and building IT and Network support systems, building up to creating an IT and Network department from scratch in Sweden; and then moving on to a more strategic role looking at new technologies and how they might be internalized through concept development, prototyping and rapid development.

In 2008, Ian moved over to international standardization and ecosystem development where he led projects that led to the creation of the Universal Charger Initiative and continues to focus on the implementation of the Universal Charger and wireless charging for a wider range of devices.

Since 2009, Ian started working on mHealth initiatives and became the Vice Chair of Continua Mobility Task Force in June 2010 where he has driven the development of new Use Cases to support standards for Mobile Health.  During the same period he has also been a lead contributor to the GSMA mHealth Embedded project covering architectures, regulatory impact and business models for mHealth.


Executive Director,

Chuck Parker is a healthcare professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Charles was most recently the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Masspro, one of the United States' leading performance improvement organizations dedicated to advancing healthcare quality.


Council Members


Kaoru Hiraoka


GM of Advanced Technology and Standardization, Mobile Phones Unit
Fujitsu Limited

Kaoru Hiraoka has more than 30 years experience in mobile phones and computer systems product planning, development and support within Fujitsu. From 1988, Mr. Hiraoka was a product manager of UNIX DB/DC system products and led the project of LAN and IP network introduction to Fujitsu.

In 2000, he transitioned to the Mobile Phones unit. During this period, he developed the mobile phone based intranet messaging system and other phone features. His current interest is Mobile Healthcare focusing on improving people's QoL using ICT technology. He has been a Board Member of Open Mobile Alliance since 2006. He holds BS and MS degrees in Electronic Engineerings from Osaka University.


Rick Cnossen

Director of Personal Health Enabling,
Intel Corporation Digital Health Group

Rick Cnossen is the director of Personal Health Enabling for Intel in its Digital Health Group with a focus on medical device interoperability standards. He is currently leading a large, international, cross-industry consortium, the Continua, focused on the establishment of an eco-system of interoperable, personal telehealth systems.

Mr. Cnossen serves on the HITSP Board of Directors and as a chairperson for the ISO/IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications WG. He is a participating member of the ISO/IEEE 11073 Personal Health Data WG, the HITSP Consumer Perspectives Technical Committee, the Health Level Seven (HL7) Structured Document Technical Committee, the USB Personal Health Device WG, and the Bluetooth Medical Device Profile WG.

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 Rob Havasy  

Rob Havasy

Team Lead, Technical Architect,
Center for Connected Health

Robert Havasy is the Corporate Team Lead for Product and Technology Development at the Center for Connected Health (CCH), part of the Partners Healthcare System in Boston, Massachusetts. With more than a decade of experience in technology implementation, Mr. Havasy specializes in making communication technologies accessible to patients while integrating them into clinical workflows. At CCH Mr. Havasy leads the team that identifies emerging technology trends, charts the Center’s technology strategy, develops new products supporting the Center’s mission, and integrates the Center’s systems with Partners’ enterprise clinical systems.

Prior to joining CCH, Mr. Havasy held a variety if positions in Sales, Marketing, and Services with Enterasys Networks (now Enterasys/Siemens Enterprise Communications), culminating as Service Operations Manager where he had responsibility for Maintenance and Professional Services offerings and for driving global service revenues of over $100 million annually.

Mr. Havasy is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and the Society for Participatory Medicine. He speaks frequently about connected health, mHealth, and other emerging technologies in healthcare.

Mr. Havasy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Keene State College and is a candidate for a Master’s degree in Health and Medical Informatics at Brandeis University.


Jongae Park

Vice President
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Bryan Hallberg



 Reid Oakes  

Reid Oakes

Executive Director, Healthcare Technology,

As Oracle’s Executive Director for Healthcare Technology, Reid is responsible for driving global Healthcare technology strategy. He leads Oracle’s strategic technology approach across the Healthcare industry, leveraging Oracle’s broad, best of breed portfolio to solve today’s healthcare challenges. Reid serves in leadership capacities across the healthcare industry and has spoken globally on the topics of connected health, analytics, and healthcare consumerism.  With 20 years in Healthcare IT, he brings deep expertise to the interoperability, user experience, and security and compliance fields across providers, payers, and public sector health.



Jayant Parthasarathy  

Innovation, Research and Development Group Director,
UnitedHealth Group

Jayant Parthasarathy (JP) started his career in healthcare designing nano-sensors and wireless chipsets to better understand neuronal functioning and aid Alzheimer's research. JP applied his understanding of sensor and wireless technology to design award-winning products at Nonin Medical Inc. to aid patients suffering from chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases. With a keen interest to commercialize his group’s inventions, he also launched the eHealth Business segment at Nonin to serve a global market in chronic respiratory care.

As Chair of the Technology Group at the Continua, JP led a world-wide group of architects from Fortune 50 companies and start-ups alike to develop industry-first guidelines to promote interoperability, improved care co-ordination and reduce integration costs for systems designed to aid personal health & fitness, chronic disease management and facilitate independence for an aging population.

Currently, as Director of the Innovation, Research and Development group at UnitedHealth Group, JP’s team led the concept and development of a comprehensive health management platform integrating social and mobile technologies, biometric devices, advanced analytics to discern crowd-sourced behavioral patterns and live coaching elements. He is working on emerging business concepts that aim to disrupt healthcare delivery as it is practiced today and significantly improve access to high quality and cost efficient care.

JP attended Purdue University and the University of Minnesota, where he received his Doctorate in Engineering.