Continua Membership

If your company is already a member of Continua, you can sign up for a username and password today. This will grant you access to Members Only areas of the site, including online working groups and e-mail lists.

Benefits of Membership with Continua

Considering Continua membership?

Read our paper entitled "Enabling Personal Connected Healthcare Around the World" to fully understand what being a part of Continua can do for your organization. 

New Member Incentives

Continua offers a number of membership incentives.  Current incentives are for certification, universities, and developing marketsClick here to see our current incentives.  

Join Continua by the end of 2014 and you will receive all the existing benefits of Continua PLUS free certification testing for one device before the end of 2014 AND a free listing (Type A or Type O).

Contributor Member Benefits

  • Right to use Continua technical Guidelines and use cases.  This includes access to pre-publication drafts of the Design Guidelines and internal documents through the Working Groups as well as the opportunity to review and comment on new Design Guidelines prior to their adoption.
  • Right to participate (non-voting) in Continua Working Groups to help create and influence the use cases, technical guidelines, marketing materials, lobbying efforts, and all other Continua work products.
  • Invitation to attend and participate in Continua member-only Summits and Town Hall meetings as well as teleconferences for the various Working Groups.
  • Right to use the Continua Test and Certification Program to qualify products and services and display the Continua certification mark.
  • Right to participate in Continua Plugfests for cross vendor interoperability testing prior to certification.
  • Ability to utilize Vendor Assisted Source Code.
  • Option to allow Continua to place company executives in industry speaking events.
  • Right to demo certified products at Continua Summit opening sessions, tradeshow booths, other Continua events, and Continua’s public newsletter.
  • Free Continua marketing kits: signs, brochures, etc.
  • Right to use Certified Logo Guidelines for print and digital reproduction upon completion of successful certification.
  • Ability to participate in Continua’s RFP MatchMaker Program to find/list RFPs and pilot programs to test interoperability.
  • Access to free educational sessions at Member Summits.

Promoter Member Only Benefits

  • All Contributor Member benefits.
  • Voting rights in all Continua Working Groups.  Including the selection of use cases, standards, industry technologies, and other key Working Group decisions.
  • Ability to hold leadership positions within the Working Groups.
  • Right to be elected to the Board of Directors.
  • Right to use Continua marketing material internally and externally.
  • Free and open access to use of the Reimbursement Study Cataloging Report.
  • Priority to participate in Continua sponsored trade show exhibit kiosks and demonstrations. 
  • Access to industry report on reimbursement business models and barriers.
  • Access to industry research reports.

Developing Region Category

As Continua continues to support its adoption efforts into emerging markets around the world, the Alliance has formed a specific category to accommodate companies in these regions. A company qualifies as a Developing Region member by being a company originating out of a defined Developing Area (OECD GDP of less than $15K per Capita).

If you do not meet this criteria, you can also qualify for this special membership if:

  • Your company has 20 or fewer full time employees in all of its divisions and
  • Your company has less than $4,000,000 in annual gross revenues and
  • Your company has less than $4,000,000 in total assets on its balance sheet

This unique category of membership allows companies to enter Continua membership for only $1000 for the first year of membership. The membership costs increase to $2,500 USD for the second year and full Contributor costs in year three. Companies in the Developing Region category will receive all Contributor membership benefits except for limiting the number of participants at Summits (2 max) and leadership roles will not be available.  All companies in this membership category will receive one free listing fee, but will be exempt from the new member certification incentive. They will be billed for Plugfest participation at the Contributor level.

The membership process is as follows:

  1. Submit signed membership application and questionnaire  
  2. Submit signed form confirming the requirements listed above  
  3. Receive approval from the Continua Board of Directors
  4. Submit membership payment

 Contact Continua Administration for more details.

Supporting Participant Membership Category

Classic membership categories may not fully accommodate all of the organizations that contribute to the personal telehealth ecosystem. In order to increase the participation and provide a forum for information sharing, the Continua has approved the creation of a new liaison category (Supporting Participant). If your organization is interested in participating as a Supporting Participant, please contact Continua Administration. Please note the annual membership fee is the same as the Contributor level.

Join Continua

Membership gives you the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the Continua vision as well as participate in Continua members only events.

How to Join

c/o VTM, Inc.
3855 SW 153rd Drive
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Phone: 1 503.619.0867
Fax: 1 503.644.6708

Upon the receipt of both your Participation Agreement and annual fee payment, your company membership will be activated. You will be given access to the Members Only area of the Continua Web site for an unlimited number of company employees.

If you have questions about membership with Continua, please contact Continua.

Costs of Membership

  • Annual membership fees
    • Promoter: $25,000
    • Contributor: $6,500
    • Supporting Participant: $6,500