Upcoming Continua Events

Continua Summits, Plugfests, and More


Continua offers Plugfests once a quarter to Promoter and Contributor member companies. Plugfests allow member companies to test their products in an informal yet private environment. These events allow members to accelerate development and debug their products.

Future Continua Plugfests

 Dates  City  Country
January 2015
Joint Continua Plugfest with Bluetooth UPF 50 

 January 26 - 29

(Monday - Thursday)

 Atlanta, Georgia  USA
February 2015
ITU & Continua Plugfest - Geneva Switzerland

February 9 - 10

(Monday - Tuesday)

Geneva Switzerland
June 2015
Joint Continua Plugfest with Bluetooth UPF 51

June 1 - 4

(Monday - Thursday)

Hanoi Vietnam

Virtual Member Meetings

Virtual Member Meetings are quarterly updates via Webcast which bring members up to speed regarding work group projects and upcoming Continua activities.