Certification Process

Path to Certification

Certification Process

Continua Certification is open for members-only.  Links that require Continua membership to access are marked (  ).

Please note that access to certification related materials below require members to join the Test and Certification Work Group (TCWG) first. To join TCWG, go to the Membership group join page, and select ‘Test and Certification Work Group.'


  • Ensure your product conforms to all Continua Design Guidelines and related standards.
  • Study the Certification Specification   for information on certifying your product.
  • Prepare for certification. Members are encouraged to pretest in order to ensure a successful test experience.  Review the Path to Certification slides for more information on the certification process.
  • Reference code: Continua Enabling Software Library (CESL) is available free to members to assist in development and interoperability testing. Start here   to begin download process. More info in CESL FAQ  .
  • Conformance testing: A free version of the Test Tool used in conformance testing is available to Continua members from Continua. Start here   to begin download process, members are given download information. More info is available in the Test Tool FAQ   and in TCWG's document folder   under Test Program Documentation.
  • Interoperability testing: Continua also requires Interoperability Tests to be run and passed. Continua Test Labs will run the Interoperability Test Procedures   against devices applying for certification. These procedures will be run against certified devices in the Interop Matrix Test Bed Reference Devices and Product Notes documents . Some of these reference devices are available for purchase. Most are available at Continua Plugfest events.
  • Self-Declaration: Continua offers self-declaration for Bluetooth Smart Agent and HRN Sender devices. Please see the Bluetooth Smart flyer for more information on Bluetooth Smart and the Test and Certification Plan document for more information on HRN certification. Self-certification offers significant discounts on both membership and certification. Please see the 'Join' page for details regarding the Adopter membership.


  • Fill out the Certification Application   for your device type and email to Continua Certification Administrator.  This document contains the information necessary to begin the certification process for your device.
  • Schedule certification by emailing the Test Lab of your choice.  We suggest you allow up to one week for an initial certification and possibly plan for a one week retest.


  • Test your device. If you have a PAN Agent or Manager, WAN Observation Sender or Receiver, you will need to ship your device to the Test Lab at least three days prior to your certification date. If you have a HRN Sender, you may self test your device at any time using the Continua Test Tool.
  • Submit test results to Continua.  After testing has completed, submit your test results to Continua Administration and the TOM for review. If desired, you can ask the Continua Test Lab to submit your test results on your behalf. Test Labs are only allowed to submit results at your request. 
  • Waiver. If you have waiver applications   for failed or inconclusive results, these should be submitted to the TOM at this time as well. The TOM needs to provide technical approval of your results in order for testing to complete.


Press Policy (Web site)

  • Prior to final certification paperwork, Continua Administration will request a picture and 50-word description of the Certified Device from the primary or marketing contact. a) Continua will NOT download content from manufacturer's Web site unless specifically instructed by the contact to do so. b) All product and company content must be approved by the company primary contact before it is posted to the Continua Web site.
  • Once Continua has received the description and picture, Continua Administration will send this to the primary contact for approval (unless originally received from primary contact).
  • Receipt of approval to use description and picture from primary contact from Company.
  • Confirmation that the product is certified, receipt of final paperwork.
  • Continua Administration will confirm with the primary contact (and marketing contact, if applicable) the timing of when to post the product description and picture to the Continua Web site.

Press Policy (Press Activities)

  • If interested in a joint press package, please contact Continua Administration once your product is in the final stages of certification and provide a primary company contact for PR activities (typically a marketing contact).
  • Please notify Continua Administrator if there are specific restrictions on certification announcements.
  • Continua will work with you to identify an outline for reviews, deliverables and approvals of all press activities.
  • Continua's public relations agency must confirm the announcement material has undergone all company internal reviews before being released to the public and must have final written approval from the company primary contact. 

General Questions: admin@continuaalliance.org

Continua Certification Administrator: certadmin@continuaalliance.org

Continua Technical Operations Manager (TOM): Michael Kirwan, mkirwan@continuaalliance.org

Continua Public Relations: Gina Cella, ginacella@comcast.net


Continua device certification does not mean or imply that the device is legally marketable in any country; certification only assures that devices communicate in a standard fashion per Continua certification requirements and Guidelines. Refer to the device manufacturer or country Health Authority for specific details associated to device marketability or usage. CONTINUA DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH REGARD TO ANY CERTIFIED PRODUCTS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSES OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT. ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES ARE THOSE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER, DISTRIBUTOR OR SELLER OF THE DEVICES AND CONTINUA MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THE EXISTENCE OR AVAILABILITY OF THE SAME.